Cedar Elementary School

Full Day Kindergarten: Fact Sheet
  • Full Day Kindergarten offers increased opportunities to allow for in-depth study of kindergarten curricula

  • Full Day Kindergarten enables children to take more time to make related discoveries and experience enriching activities

  • Full Day Kindergarten offers increased opportunities for learning and a variety of contexts that include independent small group, large group, and teacher directed activities

  • Full Day Kindergarten reduces transition times for students throughout the day

  • Full Day Kindergarten provides a greater continuity of day-to-day activities for children

  • Full Day Kindergarten increases opportunities for social development and school readiness

  • Students enrolled in the Full Day Kindergarten program will be part of the school's lunch program; including free and reduced options

  • Tuition for the Full Day program is $3750.00

  • There will be a sliding fee scale used for qualifying families to determine tuition

  • What will the schedule look like for Full Day Kindergarten?
    • The children will attend school 5 days a week, and follow the regular school calendar.
    • All Kindergarten classes follow the State curriculum frameworks. There are very specific goals for each area. These may be found on our school website: www.hanoverschools.org/curriculum
    • Instructional Aides will assist in each classroom.
    • Children will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Adults will be in the cafeteria to assist during lunch.