Cedar Elementary School


Birthday Book / Special Occasion Program
One of our most successful programs at Cedar School is our Birthday Book/Special Occasion Program. Originated by Ann Sayles, a former Cedar Librarian, the program provides the Media Center with an average of approximately 150 new books each year. The books each contain a detailed bookplate with the child's name, birth date, and the year the book was purchased. The children enjoy looking at the plates and finding the names of older siblings, friends and classmates; they especially enjoy the brand new books that arrive during the year. A book may also be purchased for any special occasion (with an appropriately inscribed book plate), such as an anniversary or graduation.

How does this program work? Your child will bring home a form around the time of his or her birthday (Summer birthdays are sent home in Spring). If interested, you are asked to return the completed form with a check for $15.00, made out to Cedar School. The birthday books are ordered after consulting recommended reading lists and getting professional recommendations. When the shipment of books is delivered, I contact your child and he or she chooses which book will become his/her birthday book. Your child is also the first one to borrow this book.