Cedar Elementary School

Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)

Super FriendsPositive Behavior Supports (PBS) is a framework for engaging and teaching students around social-emotional learning paired with pro-active and non-punitive systems for managing behavior. It aims to create an environment that promotes the development of all children and supports positive relationships, effective communication, and social problem-solving.

Some skills we are teaching at Cedar include:

  1. Skills for Learning: Children gain skills to help them be better learners, 
    including how to focus their attention, listen carefully, and ask for help.
  2. Empathy: Children learn to identify and understand their own and others’
    feelings. Children also learn how to show care for others.
  3. Emotion Management: Children learn how to calm down when they have  
    strong feelings, such as worry or anger.
  4. Friendship Skills and Problem Solving: Children learn how to make and keep
    friends and to solve problems with others in a positive way.
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