Cedar Elementary School

Events & Activities

Meadow Farms Fundraising - This is the fall town-wide PTA fund raiser. Catalogues are sent home with the children, and parents can choose wrappings and goodies to purchase. Up to half of all proceeds from purchases go to Cedar School. Many volunteers are needed to help with order processing.

Photo Day - Coordinator needed. In October, annual photos are taken of each student by LifeTime Photography. Parents may choose to purchase photo packages. Volunteers are needed to supervise and help the students while they wait their turn. They will also distribute one comb to each student.

Polar Express (Kindergarten only) - Coordinator needed. Volunteers are needed to set up and serve refreshments at this magical celebration. The presentation is held during the day in December for our Kindergarten students where they enjoy a seasonal reading of Chris van Allsburg's The Polar Express.

Dad Serves Pizza - Coordinator needed. This is a fun event for Cedar families, held on an evening in January. There are two seating times from which families can choose. Pizzas and salads are offered. Many volunteers (preference to dads) are needed to assist with planning the event, serving food, room setup, food set up, and cleanup.

Science Fair (Grades 1-4 only) - This wonderful and well-attended event will be held in March or April, and it encourages student's interest in the sciences. There is no judging and it is an opportunity for all students to showcase a topic they have researched. Many volunteers are needed to help plan and prepare for the Science Fair activities, assist with the setup, monitor hallways and help with cleanup.

Talent Show (Grades 3-4 only) - Coordinator(s) needed. This event is held for the students during the day and the Cedar community in the evening. Our students demonstrate their many talents and skills. It is limited only by their imagination. The event will be held in early winter or late spring. Volunteers are needed to coordinate and organize the show as well as provide technical assistance for lighting and filming.

Staff Appreciation - Officially we show the teachers and staff our appreciation a few times a year. We provide dinner for the teachers between afternoon and evening conferences in both the fall and spring. We also do special activities for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring. Volunteers are needed to cook, bake, serve, set up and clean up for these events.

Grade 4 Prime Time (Grade 4 Parents only) - Coordinator(s) needed (4th grade parents). This is a fun evening for the fourth grade students focusing on reading and related activities. Students bring their bag dinner and go from activity to activity as a small group. This event is held one evening in May. Volunteers are needed to help with planning, set up, decorations, activities and cleanup.

Grade 4 Farewell Dinner (Grades 2 & 3 Parents only) - Coordinator(s) needed. (3rd grade parents traditionally host this event). This is a very special night for our 4th grade students who will be moving from Cedar to the Middle School. Dinner is served for the students and their parents, a slide show is seen and a student concert is performed. There are many sentimental extras that surprise our students and parents. Many volunteers are needed to plan, prepare invitations, decorate, prepare special events and serve the dinner. It is held on an evening in June close to the end of the year.

Family Fun Festival - Coordinator(s) needed. This fun event will be held on September 15 between 4:30-6:30 PM. There are many activities for the kids to enjoy. Dinner will be available. Many volunteers are needed to help plan festival activities and entertainment in addition to set up and distribute food and supervise activities. This event is a highlight of the year!

Library - Volunteers are essential to keep our school library up and running. Volunteer time is coordinated into regular weekly shifts. An opportunity will be given to volunteers to indicate their desired shift times. Duties include helping students to select books and re-shelf returned books.

Book Fair - Coordinator needed. Book fairs are scheduled twice per year at conference time. Volunteers are needed to work the register during the school day as each classroom comes to select books. Time commitment is usually a two to three hour shift during the book fair week.

Box Tops - Coordinator(s) needed. This project runs throughout the school year and involves the collection of product box tops. Volunteers are needed to cut the box tops, run contests, and to calculate numbers collected. Families are encouraged to save box tops and drop them off at school.

School Garden & Beautification - Volunteers are needed for designated days to keep up the school gardens and for any cleanup projects needed. Days are determined in the fall and spring.

Memory Book - Volunteers are needed to take photos at events throughout the year and help prepare layouts for this special book. Memory book sales take place at the end of the school year.

Other - Many of us have busy schedules and deciding how and where we can help is difficult months in advance. We need volunteers who are willing to be called/emailed when a need arises or when we do not have enough volunteers for a particular event.

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