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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I do the display?
Your project should be neat and attractive. It should be your own work, demonstrate your ideas, and reflect your creative talents.
  1. The display should stand rigidly and be self-supporting. Please don't plan on taping it to the wall: Many students use a tri-fold board that is light and easy to carry. You may also use stiff cardboard, wood or other materials hold the display.
  2. Make all letters large, clear and neat. Your project should explain itself through the pictures, diagrams and other data.
  3. Measurement should be in metric units because scientists have agreed to use this measurement system in scientific experiments.
  4. Because of limited space, your total display cannot exceed 4 feet in width and 3 feet in depth. (You will have one-third of a cafeteria table upon which to set up your project).

Where can I get ideas?
These are just some of the online resources:

What are the Safety Rules?
For safety reasons the following types of exhibits are not allowed:

  • No projects that harm or cause undue stress to humans or animals
  • No live vertebrate animals
  • No bacterial cultures
  • No controlled substances
  • No dangerous or combustible chemicals
  • No open flames
  • No "giveaways" (ex., candy, pencils, balloons, etc.)

What if I have questions?
Call one of the members of the Science Fair Committee:


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