Cedar Elementary School

Last Updated: 01/29/2018


If you need to speak with a member of our staff, please call the main office (781-878-7228), and a message will be placed in their mailbox for them to return your phone call. Email is another method of communicating with our staff.

Please remember that email should not be used as the primary means of communicating with staff members. Any sensitive, urgent, or safety-related communication should happen via telephone or in person. A quick question can usually be communicated via email by directing the message to the appropriate address listed on this site.

Directory Notes

Staff Email

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Michael Oates
Assistant Principal
Joel Barrett
Administrative Assistant
Carol Rodday
Administrative Assistant
Kristen Gokey
School Nurse
Maura Dowling, RN
Name Position Room      
Ashley Arienti Teacher / Coordinator 36 Email    
Kathy Chandler Teacher 37 Email  
Kim Blanton Teacher (PM only) 32 Email    
Name Position Room      
Sherry Concannon Teacher 33 Email  
Laura Chase Teacher 34 Email  
Keri Driscoll Teacher 35 Email  
Grade 1
Name Position Room      
Rachel Nameika Teacher 25 Email  
Kathy Caulfield Teacher 26 Email  
Kim Richardson Teacher 28 Email  
Carol McGinnis Teacher 29 Email  
Grade 2
Name Position Room      
Mark Lancaster Teacher 20 Email  
Kelly-Ann Jordan Teacher 21 Email  
Mindy Anderson Teacher 22 Email  
MaryAnne MacNeill Teacher 23 Email  
Grade 3
Name Position Room      
Ellen Burns Teacher 7 Email  
Mary Ann Johnson Teacher 9 Email  
Elizabeth Downs Teacher 11 Email  

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Grade 4
Name Position Room      
Cindy Ferguson Teacher 5 Email  
Beth Luccarelli Teacher 6 Email  
Colleen Derby Teacher (LTS Luccarelli) 6 Email    
Alicia Bryerton Teacher 8 Email    
Subject Specialist      
Art Alison Palmucci Email    
Music Anne Thornton Email    
Information Technology Kelly Kacamburas Email  
Wellness Terence Langton Email  
Student Support Staff
Name Position Room / Area      
Jessica Busa Sp. Ed. Teacher/Team Chair 17 Email    
Sarah Kelser School Psychologist 16 Email    
Carrie Gonsalves School Psychologist*   Email    
Nancy Dutton Math Coach* S-22 Email    
Jessica McDermott Physical Therapist* 13 Email  
Colleen Jones Occupational Therapist* 13 Email  
Kerri Moran Speech/Language Therapist 13 Email    
Michelle Sinnott Speech/Language Therapist 15 Email    
Courtney Neville Speech/Language Therapist* 15 Email    
Nancy Ryan Reading Specialist 24 Email  
Thomas Merzbacher Reading Specialist 24 Email  
Andrea Monteith English-Language Learner* 28A Email    
Jennifer DePhillips Special Education Teacher  


Jeannette Libby Special Education Teacher   Email    
Nikki Simmons Special Education Teacher   Email  
Alycia Zukauskas Special Education Teacher   Email    
Colleen Russell Special Education Teacher   Email    
Noreen D'Andrea Special Education Teacher   Email  
Zenilde Brito ABA Tutor   Email    
Jamie Edgerly ABA Tutor   Email    
Kristina Gallagher ABA Tutor   Email    
Gail Lincoln ABA Tutor   Email    
Erin Miner ABA Tutor   Email    
Vikki Wilson ABA Tutor   Email    
Marcia Tucker Paraprofessional Kindergarten Email    
Karen McCabe Paraprofessional Kindergarten Email    
Lisa Quilty Paraprofessional Kindergarten Email    
Christine Earle Paraprofessional Pre-K Email    
Paula Clasby Paraprofessional Pre-K Email    
Karen McDonough Paraprofessional Pre-K Email    
CASE Program
Name Position Room      
Shannon Thompson Coordinator 19


Cafeteria Personnel
Name Position      
Maureen Atchison Manager Email    
Donna Coyne Staff Email    
Jacquelyn Powers Staff Email    
Donna Kajunski Staff Email    
Cedar Lunch Menu        

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Tom Blinstrub Custodian   Email    
Lenny Brown Custodian   Email    
Michael Mayott Custodian   Email    

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