History of the Buildings
Center School serves Pre-Kindergarten to grade 2. The building was designed by J. Williams Beal and Sons Architects, and was constructed in 1953. Renovations and an addition were completed September 2000.

Sylvester School, originally designed by J. Williams Beal and Sons Architects, as the Town's high school in 1927, now serves grades 3 and 4. Although the building is not listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is located in the National Historic District of Hanover Center. The site, at one time, had a one-room schoolhouse located here as well. The building stands virtually the same as originally constructed except for an addition in 1960 when the then new High School was built. The building was converted to a junior high school, later housed fifth and sixth grades, fifth grade only, four grade and one-half of the fifth grade population, and now houses grades three and four. The combined site of Center and Sylvester Schools is approximately thirty-three (33) acres; an aquifer boundary line passes through the center of the site.