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Full Day Kindergarten: FAQ
Which schools will have the Full Day Kindergarten program this year?

Full Day Kindergarten will be offered at each of our Elementary Schools depending entirely on the number of students registered. Full Day Kindergarten is an added tuition-based district program - not a guaranteed program.

How many Massachusetts school districts offer Full Day Kindergarten?

Massachusetts communities (341 out of 351) offer Full Day Kindergarten.


Where do I register?

Registration takes place at your neighborhood home school. Kindergarten registration is scheduled for January 18th, 19th, and 20th 2017. All registration forms are posted on our district website under the Student and School Registration tab. February 3rd (by 3pm) will be the final cutoff for new registrations to be entered into the lottery, should one be necessary..

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What do I need to register?

We request that you bring an original birth certificate, a report of the most recent physical examination, and a doctor's certificate of immunizations when you come to register. As part of the registration process you will be required to verify your residency/address in Hanover (Please check the website for approved documentation.)


My child qualifies for special education services. Can we still participate in the Full Day Kindergarten program?

Yes, special education students can participate in the Full Day Kindergarten program.


How often do I pay the tuition? A: Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year will be $3750.00.

You may pay in one of two ways: (A) A $500.00 deposit at registration and then in full upon confirmation of registration. (B) A $500.00 deposit at registration and then in four equal payments of $812.50. Payments will be due August 1st, November 1st, February 1st, and May 1st. Tuition will be adjusted for low-income families based on a sliding fee scale.

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What happens if I am unable to pay the tuition?
Families that are unable to honor their tuition commitment will be contacted as to personal circumstances. Should a situation warrant changing to a half day session the school principal will determine which classroom is best based on the needs of the student.
My child has been in daycare until now and needs a full day program, can I get special consideration for placement in the Full Day Kindergarten?
No, every family desiring Full Day Kindergarten placement for their student must go through the same process.

Is there a formal Kindergarten Curriculum?
Absolutely! State curriculum frameworks have been written and implemented over the last several years. There are very specific goals for each area. These may be found on our school website

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What are the hours for Full Day Kindergarten?
Students in the Full Day Kindergarten follow the same schedule as grades 1 through 4 at their school.

Full Day Kindergarten hours:
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri)
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Tues)

Do kindergarten students ride the bus?
Yes, the kindergarten students will ride the same bus as the other elementary students in their neighborhood.

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