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Hanover Public Schools
Box Tops for Education Contests

Last Updated: 12/11/2012

  Box Tops for Education Winter Contest

Thanks to all the families that participated in the February Box Tops for Education Contest. This program continues to be a great success thanks to all your support.

The top collecting classrooms will each receive prizes. In addition individual winners were drawn at random at Cedar and Center/Sylvester School. For every ten Box Tops a student brought in they received one chance. Those winners will each receive a $10.00 gift certificate to the Toy Box in Hanover.

  Contest Results

Center/Sylvester School raised $1,100.00. The Top Classrooms were:

  • Kindergarten Class - Mrs. Rondano
  • AM 1st Grade Class - Mrs. Wilson
  • 2nd Grade Class - Mrs. Kearns
  • 3rd Grade Class - Mrs. Lafond
  • 4th Grade Class - Mrs. Vaughan

The individual winners at Center/Sylvester school were:

  • Jack Douglas - Mrs. Johnson PM Kindergarten
  • Michael Salamone - Mrs McKenna Grade 1
  • Sara Byers - Mrs. Joy Grade 2
  • Lauren Lockly - Mrs. Flaherty - Grade 3
  • Janey Devlin - Mrs. Annis Grade 4

Cedar School raised $877.70 The Top Classrooms were:

  • Kindergarten Class - Ms. Driscoll
  • AM 1st Grade Class - Ms. Losordo
  • 2nd Grade Class - Ms. Anderson
  • 3rd Grade Class - Ms. Downs
  • 4th Grade Class - Mr. Lancaster

The individual winners at Cedar School were:

  • Addison Baldinelli - Pre-K/Kindergarten
  • Victoria Leary - Grade 1
  • Declan Rappaport - Grade 2
  • Nicholas Colaw - Grade 3
  • Wesley Notarangelo - Grade 4

Hanover Middle School raised $596.70 The Top Classrooms were:

  • Grade 5 - Ms. McKenna
  • Grade 6 - Mr. Wheeler
  • Grade 7 - Ms. Fahey
  • Grade 8 - Ms. Pullia - Overall winner

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  How Does the Box Tops Money Help Our Schools?
  So far Box Tops money has helped our schools in the following ways this year:

At Center/Sylvester School, Box Tops funds were used to purchase new headsets for all the classes for use with the computers. At Cedar School, Box Tops funds partially funded a school wide Science Ranger presentation, has helped subsidize the 3rd grade Freedom Trail Trip, was used to purchase speakers for the 4th grade classrooms and will be offsetting bus expenses for the 2nd grade Zoo field trip. At the Middle School Box Tops monies have been used to help fund the 5th grade program entitled "The Child's Life in Colonial America".

Box Tops Coordinators at each school will continue to work with school staff members to find ways to use Box Tops funds to benefit the students throughout the remainder of the year. Please keep clipping as we will have one more collection contest in May. Every Box Tops counts!

Thanks again for your support!
Your Box Tops for Education Team:

  • Joanna McCormick - Center/Sylvester School
  • RaeAnn Fein and Ginny Gilmartin - Cedar School
  • Jen Buckley - Middle School

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