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Hanover Public Schools
Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

Last Updated: 03/30/2017

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The Mission of the Special EducationHanover Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is to work towards the understanding, respect, support, and appropriate education for all children with special needs in our community.

  What is the SEPAC?

The SEPAC is a parent group whose mission is to develop understanding, respect, support and appropriate education for all children with learning differences in our community. The Hanover SEPAC will provide an opportunity for parents to network and share information as well as a way to work constructively with our schools to make them the best they can be for all children.

  Key Objectives
  • Work with the School Committee to establish procedures related to planning, development and evaluation of the special education program.
  • Provide regular forums for parents and school personnel to share information and discuss pertinent issues.
  • Provide training for parents on Special Education laws and regulations as well as the development of educational plans.
  • Explore opportunities for parents, teachers and other school personnel to participate in joint training to foster mutual understanding.
  • Establish a support network among parents, including access to relevant information, regulations and laws, training and emotional support.
  • Promote communication and programs within the community to encourage greater understanding, acceptance, compassion, and inclusion of children with learning differences.

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  Who Should Be Involved?
  • Parents and/or guardians of children who receive special education services.
  • Parents who think their child may have some learning issues or differences, behavioral or attention issues.
  • Parents who are just learning about the special education process and IEPs or who already have a child on an IEP.
  • Parents of children currently receiving "Early Intervention" services who will be transitioning to the school system when their child turns 3 years old.
  • Parents and educators who want to work together to learn more about available local resources relating to Special Education.
  • Parents who would like a support group who understand their issues and concerns.

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  Why Should I Get Involved?
  • Access to parent to parent meetings and educational workshops.
  • To learn how to have input into programs that could effect your child.
  • The opportunity to network with parents who have "been there" - sharing tips, advice and feedback.
  • To learn to advocate more effectively for your child and learn how to maneuver in the Special Education maze.

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  Calendar of Events
  Members of the SEPAC
SEPAC Board At Large Members
  • Michelle Gardner, Co-Chair
  • Susan Scanlan, Co-Chair
  • Jacqueline Porro, Secretary
  • Noreen Riley, Treasurer
  • Cindy Stella
  • Kim Booker
  • Nicole Knafo
  • Carolyn Brangan
  • Carrie Bellerby
  • Adriana Mason
  • Cheryl Mackey
  • Nicole Israel
  • Michelle Cardona


  Contact the Hanover SEPAC
  For more information, please email
  Parent Information from the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education