About Hanover High School
Welcome to Hanover High School

Hanover High School is located at 287 Cedar Street in Hanover, Massachusetts. You may contact the main office by calling 781-878-5450.

Principal: Matthew Paquette
Associate Principal: Hugh Galligan


The Hanover High School Mission
Hanover High School provides students with a rigorous, demanding education to enable them to achieve their fullest potential. To this end, the school fosters the personal growth of all students as HHSwell as a secure environment in which students respect the dignity of all individuals. Together, the administration, faculty,and staff create opportunities for students to acquire the skills, knowledge, and work ethic to be responsible and productive members of a changing society.

Hanover High School Core Values and Beliefs
The Hanover High School community provides a competitive and challenging curriculum specific to individual educational needs, empowering students to succeed in the academic, social, and civic arenas.

We believe that respect, compassion, and empathy promote a positive climate that fosters school spirit and unity.

Within a safe and secure environment, students develop academic and personal independence, self-motivation, artistic appreciation, creativity, social responsibility, and global awareness.

21st Century Learning Expectations
  • The HHS graduate reads actively and critically.
  • The HHS graduate writes effectively to construct and convey meaning.
  • The HHS graduate speaks effectively.
  • The HHS graduate is a responsible and proficient user of current technology and is receptive to emerging technology.
  • The HHS graduate creatively applies concepts to interpret information, to solve problems, and to justify solutions.

  • The HHS graduate practices personal wellness.
  • The HHS graduate acts responsibly and works ethically.

  • The HHS graduate is an active citizen who demonstrates an understanding of civic responsibility and worldwide current events.
About the Hanover High School Building
The main hallway floor is designed to symbolize the North River, upon which much of the history of Hanover is based. L. Vernon Briggs, Hanover's preeminent historian, has written "Until 1628 the waters of the North River had probably never been disturbed by any navigator excepting the Indian in his canoe, and how we all would like to look back three hundred years and see the same beautiful river with the picturesque Indian and canoe, he disturbing the quiet waters with the silent dipping of his paddle."

Robert Barker navigated up the river in 1628 and settled in Pembroke. William Barstow, who received a grant of land bounded by Third Herring Brook and the North River, is said to have been the first settler in what is now Hanover around 1649. By 1727, when Hanover separated from Scituate and incorporated as a Town, its population was around 300 persons.

For the next 200 years the river was exploited and despoiled and shipyards, mills, forges and factories clung to its banks and dumped their wastes into its waters. In recent years town and organizations in the North River Valley have worked together to clean our river which once again is picturesque and a symbol of pride for Hanover and its neighbors.

Building Project
School Building Committee
  • Chris Martin, Chair
  • Daniel Pallotta, Town Selectman, Project Eligible Applicant
  • Dr. Kristine E. Nash, Superintendent of Schools

  • Suzanne Brady, School Committee Liaison
  • Donald Buckley
  • Neil Buckley
  • Michael Cianciola, School Committee Liaison
  • Brian Connolly
  • Stephen G. Devine
  • Kerry A. Harrison
  • Al Kuhn
  • Edward S. Lee
  • Jeanne McCloskey
  • Leslie J. Molyneaux
  • Paul Nimeskern, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Thomas R. Raab, Principal

This school is dedicated to the Hanover students, teachers, and staff, past, present, and future; to the citizens of Hanover whose support made its construction possible; and to the members of the School Committee and Building Committee whose energy and commitment turned a vision into a reality. It is our hope that Hanover High School will always be a central part of our community.

Architect - HMFH Architects, Inc.
Owner's Project Manager - PMA Consultants, LLC
General Contractor - Callahan, Inc.

Funded in part by the Massachusetts School Building Authority
Steven Grossman, State Treasurer and Receiver General
Katherine P. Craven, Executive Director