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Contacting A Staff Member

If you need to speak with a member of our staff, please call the main office and a message will be placed in their mailbox for them to return your phone call. Email is another method of communicating with our staff. Email addresses consist of the staff member's first initial followed by their last name "@hanoverschools.org". You may call the main office by dialing 781-878-5450.

Please remember that email should not be used as the primary means of communication with staff members. Any sensitive, urgent, or safety-related communication should happen via telephone or in person. A quick question can usually be communicated via email by directing the message to the appropriate address listed on this site.

For Staff
If you are a teacher or staff member and would like your link posted or revised, please send an email to webmaster@hanoverschools.org or contact the main office.

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Staff Email

  Staff Homepage
Matthew Paquette
Phone Ext: 2505
Associate Principal
Hugh Galligan
Phone Ext: 2504
Athletic Director
Scott Hutchison
Phone Ext: 2636
Rosalind Davis
Phone Ext: 2103
Main Office Administrative Staff
Kathy Gallagher
Phone Ext: 2503
Nancy Foster
Phone Ext: 2502
Deborah Kinney
Phone Ext: 2501
STEM* Matthew Plummer, Extension: 2508   Staff Email    
Humanities** Sheila Walsh, Ed.D., Extension: 2507   Staff Email    
* Science, Engineering, Mathematic
** ELA. Social Science, Foreign Language
Name Extension Pod        
Deborah Abban 2601 320   Staff Email    
Laura Collins  2613 220   Staff Email    
Christine Fay  2623 208   Staff Email    
Helen Doyle 2633 220   Staff Email    

Adrienne McDonnell

2647 308   Staff Email    
Melanie Pavao   220   Staff Email    
Rachel Snavely   220   Staff Email    
Diane Turner 2668 308   Staff Email    
Name Extension Pod        
Richard (Matt) Amonte   320   Staff Email    
Mary Bitetti (LTS: Mike Arria) 2604 320   Staff Email    
Elaine Thompson 2603 308   Staff Email    
Mark Centorino 2609 308   Staff Email    
Ann Marie Galotti 2625 208   Staff Email    
Renee Parry   208   Staff Email    
Lesley Turocy 2669 208   Staff Email    
Ronald Turocy 2670 320   Staff Email    
Social Studies
Name Extension Pod        
Timothy Brown 2606 208   Staff Email    
Ann Coates 2610 220   Staff Email    
Stephen Hegarty 2631 308   Staff Email    
Andrew Mahoney 2644 220   Staff Email    
Tina McCusker 2234 220   Staff Email    
Mark Molloy  2650 208   Staff Email    
Kevin Perry  2658 208   Staff Email    
Vincent Picardi  2659 220   Staff Email  

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Foreign Language
Name Extension Pod        
Maura Aborn  2602 320   Staff Email    
Kaela Curtis   208   Staff Email    
Emeline Dhommee 2616 320   Staff Email    
Allyson Gately 2626 308   Staff Email  
Theresa Katsilieris 2637 308   Staff Email    
Allison Youngworth   320   Staff Email    
Science & Engineering
Name Extension Pod / Room        
Pam Borgeson 2116 Engineering (116)   Staff Email    
Kenneth Decie 2617 Chemistry Lab (319)   Staff Email  
Anthony DeFranzo 2618 Physics Lab (219)   Staff Email    
Louis DePatto 2620 Earth Science Lab (217)   Staff Email  
Shayle Emerson   Biology Lab (215)   Staff Email    
Jeff Faria 2112 Fabrication Lab (112)   Staff Email    
Nancy Green 2656 Chemistry Lab (317)   Staff Email    
Katherine McHenry 2648 Biology Lab (310)   Staff Email    
Suzanne Molloy 2651 Chemistry Lab (317)   Staff Email    
Patrick Newton 2652 Biology Lab (315)   Staff Email    
Rachel Watts 2671 Biology Lab (210)   Staff Email    

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Name Extension Room        
Michael Wade, Choral 2629 Choral Room   Staff Email  
Matt Harden, Instrumental 2640 Band Room   Staff Email  
Name Extension Room        
Janet Curley 2110 110   Staff Email    
David Crawford   2108 108   Staff Email    
Name Extension Room        
Susanne McHugh 2233 Library   Staff Email    
Business and Information Technology
Name Extension Room        
Brian Ciccolo 2106 106   Staff Email    
Michael Patch 2107 Digital Media Lab (107)   Staff Email    
Stacey Pereira 2657 118   Staff Email    

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Physical Education / Wellness
Name Extension Room        
Deb Bostwick 2145 Phys. Ed. Offices   Staff Email    
Dorian Bryant 2142 Phys. Ed. Offices   Staff Email    
Lisa Della Croce  2146 Phys. Ed. Offices   Staff Email    
Nicholas Hannigan 2143 Phys. Ed. Offices   Staff Email    
Academic Strategies; Special Education
Name Extension Room        
Keri Morrison, Chairperson 2612 Guidance Offices   Staff Email    
Lori Campbell 2607 220   Staff Email    
Lisa Green 2628 308   Staff Email    
Megan Halloran 2666 308   Staff Email    
Sally Nixon   204 / 205   Staff Email    
Jake Sprague   220   Staff Email    
Steven Rodday 2660 208   Staff Email    
Leanne Tarkanian 2667 308   Staff Email    
Kelly Fraser 2334 334   Staff Email    

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Alternative High School
Name Extension Room        
Sheryl Wade   120   Staff Email    
Paraprofessional / Tutors
Name Position Extension / Room        
Beverly Corbett Paraprofessional     Staff Email    
Marilou Hall Tutor (all grades) 2216 / 216   Staff Email    
Christina MacVicar-Welch Paraprofessional     Staff Email    
Janet Mann Paraprofessional     Staff Email    
Cathy McNulty Paraprofessional     Staff Email    
Matt McRae Paraprofessional     Staff Email    
Kara Kenney Job / SPED Coach     Staff Email    
Name Position Extension        
Mia Gallagher Administrative Assistant 781-878-3990   Staff Email    
Korri Byron Director of Guidance 2518   Staff Email    
Susan Egan School Psychologist 2517   Staff Email    
Joanne Rapalje Fitzgerald Adjustment Counselor 2519   Staff Email    
Janel Kost Counselor 2516   Staff Email    
Janice Leonido Counselor 2520   Staff Email    
Chrisann Merrick Counselor 2521   Staff Email    
Name Position          
Sue McHugh AP Coordinator     Staff Email    
Name Position Extension        
Scott Hutchison Athletic Director 2514   Staff Email    
Amy Tessitore, ATC/L Athletic Trainer 2144   Staff Email    
Food Service / Cafeteria Staff
Name Position Extension        
Lynn Petrowski Food Services Manager 2135   Staff Email    
Barbara Vielkind Food Services 2160   Staff Email    
Elaine Dann Food Services          
Paula Toner Fox Food Services          
Marilyn Hall Food Services          
Josephine Mauer Food Services          
Valerie Norris Food Services          
Maureen Sargent Food Services          
Ann St. Aubin Food Services          
Mary Ryan Food Services          
Health Office
Name Position Extension        

Rosalind Davis

School Nurse 2103   Staff Email    
Custodial Staff
Name Position     Staff Email    
Robert Brown Custodian     Staff Email    
Robert Hook Custodian     Staff Email    
Nick McDonnell Custodian          
Steve Murphy Custodian     Staff Email    
Bill Whealan Custodian     Staff Email    
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