Hanover High School Clubs and Activities
Clubs & Activities
Co-curricular activities are clubs and organizations in which the students participate outside, but sometimes connected to, the regular scheduled class subjects, and in which the students may represent the school in competition, visits and performances. These clubs and activities may include attendance at events sponsored by the school. Students are reminded that ALL rules and regulations are in effect for all school clubs activities. Participation in clubs and activities are subject to the same academic eligibility expectations for student-athletes. Students should be aware that participation and attendance at all of these events is a privilege and not a right.
Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Provide experiences that meet and develop the academic, physical, and social needs of students
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students
  • Provide wholesome outlets for the expression of responsible ideas and opinions
  • Help build a better sense of community and the need to serve in the community
  • Help develop the value of cooperation and responsibility
  • Help develop interests in activities that become lifelong pursuits
Clubs and Organizations Opportunities
  • Art Club
    Purpose: The Art Club is open to all interested students who wish to explore the visual arts as a co-curricular activity. Activities are designed to provide opportunities for students to expand their artistic knowledge and ability through exposure, critique, and practice. The Art Club will offer enrichment activities such as: museum gallery visits, painting and drawing expeditions, museum installations, lectures, set design, movie screenings, and visiting area art schools, etc.
    Membership: Open to all students.

  • The Corporation
    Purpose: The Corporation is an extracurricular men's a cappella singing ensemble. These students rehearse two to three times a week before and after school. As an ensemble, students will perform popular music using a cappella singing techniques such as soloing, beat boxing and scat singing. The Corporation performs at HHS Choral Concerts and will perform outside of school functions when the opportunities arise.

  • Diversity Club / GSA
    Purpose: The GSA promotes recognition of the diversity within the Hanover High School population and the town, to encourage understanding of such diversity, and to work toward the acceptance of diverse groups within the entire community. To create a school environment in which students, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity, feel safe and supported and in which students do not feel harassed by derogatory and/or hurtful language. To make all students feel welcomed into this community.
    Open to all students.

  • Drama
    Purpose: This club will develop skills in the use of oral language and to develop an appreciation of aesthetic endeavors and cultural concepts of man. The students will participate in workshops, festivals and presentations to the schools and the community.
    Open to all students.

  • Friendship Connection
    Purpose: The Friendship Connection will provide opportunities for special needs students in the Life Skills class to develop friendships with students in the general high school population. Fun and social activities are planned monthly.
    Membership: Open to all students.

  • Green Team
    Purpose: Green Team meets once a week to recycle plastics and paper. Green Team members collect recycled plastic and paper from recycling bins in each classroom and administrative areas.
    Membership: Open to all students. 

  • Jazz Band
    Purpose: The Jazz Band is an extracurricular band that meets one evening a week. This activity will expose the students to a wide variety of music from jazz to rock. Students will also learn how to improvise solos. The Jazz Band will perform in concerts both in school and outside of school as opportunities arise.
    Membership: By consent of the advisor.

  • National Honor Society
    The National Honor Society (NHS) is a nationwide association sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). It is dedicated to promoting academic excellence and fostering qualities of character, leadership and service. Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student. To be eligible for membership, the candidate must complete his/her sophomore year. The candidate must have been in attendance at Hanover High School the equivalent of one semester before the start of the selection process and adhere to the following criteria:
    1. In order to be eligible, juniors and seniors must have a weighted cumulative scholastic average of 3.7 and must have been in attendance at Hanover High School the equivalent of one semester before being invited to submit their portfolio.
    2. The student must have held a minimum of one leadership position in the school or community prior to his or her junior year.
    3. The student must have completed a minimum of three (3) service activities for a total of a minimum of 20 hours.
    4. Eligible students are notified in writing the summer after their sophomore year and are asked to submit a completed Candidate Portfolio.
    5. A faculty council appointed by the Principal selects students by majority vote on the basis of leadership, service, and character as derived from the Candidate Portfolio, faculty and administrative input, and the Student Interview.
    6. All students are notified in writing of the faculty council’s decisions.
      Any student who violates the National Honor Society Constitution and/or school rules will be subject to suspension or dismissal from the Society.

  • Newspaper
    Purpose: The Pirate is published monthly by the student body. Written and edited by the student body, The Pirate provides a forum for students to express their views on a myriad of interests. Any student may contribute to The Pirate and all are encouraged to submit articles. Membership: Open to all.

  • Robotics Club
    Purpose:This is an extracurricular school activity open to all students at the high school. The club seeks enthusiastic members with a desire to be part of a team that designs and builds a robot for competitive purposes. The club is currently self-funded by its members and pursues the annual goal of sending a team of students to the national Battlebots IQ competition. No prior robotics skills are required of the club’s members.  
    Open to all students.

  • SADD
    Purpose: SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) brings to attention and discussion topics of decisions made by teenagers which could be destructive to them, their family and/or their peers. Preventative and educational programs and activities attempt to highlight such behaviors and offer alternatives to the student body. Topics include the necessity of wearing seatbelts, the dangers of talking on a cell phone or text messaging while driving, underage drinking and the harmful effects of drug use to name a few. 
    Membership: Open to all students. 

  • Science Fair
    Purpose:The Science Fair fosters student interest in the sciences. Students will select a project, work with an advisor and participate in the Science Fair early in Term 3.
    Open to all students. All students enrolled in Honors Science courses are required to complete a project for the Science Fair.

  • Student Advisory Committee
    Purpose: This Committee acts as a liaison body organized to work with the Administration, Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee to promote better communications. Attendance at School Committee meetings is an important responsibility for all members.
    Five members are elected from the student body at large and open to any interested student.

  • Student Council
    Purpose: The Student Council promotes close cooperation throughout the student body, the school community, and the community at large.  Principles and responsibilities of a democracy and the promotion of the general welfare of the school and community are the focus of the council. Prospective voting members must secure a nomination paper signed by class members.  Seven representatives are elected at large.  Class officers are members and have voting rights.  No members can be on the ineligible list at the time of elections or at any time during his/her term.  Meetings are held at least once a month or whenever deemed necessary.  To remain on the council, members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.
    Membership: Open to any interested student.

  • Tomorrow's Teachers
    The Tomorrow’s Teacher Club is an after school group open to all high school students who are interested in pursuing the field of education.  Students participate in discussions and activities that include topics such as lesson planning, provisioning, and classroom management. Students are given the opportunity to observe teachers in their area of interest.  The club members also use their teaching skills by planning and participating in various activities throughout the school year including Friendship Connection, Read Across America, Labels for Education, Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and other school and community service events that come up during the school year.  These opportunities help students to solidify their choice of becoming an educator and give them a head start in achieving this goal.

  • Yearbook
    Purpose: The yearbook staff meets at least three days a week. The staff is dedicated to capturing the memories of a particular year within the pages of the Hanoverian.  Before these memories are caught and bound, however, layouts must be designed, copy written, and photos snapped.
    Membership:  To be a member of the Hanoverian, a person must possess diligence, enthusiasm, and imagination.
    Online: Purchase a copy of the HHS Yearbook from Yearbooks Forever