Last Updated: 10/05/2015


  Private School Application Process  
  The Application Process  

Every fall we receive a variety of requests from students and their parents to complete applications and write recommendations for private schools. If you are considering applying to a private school, please follow the guidelines set out below.

  1. Forms that need to be completed by Guidance should be handed to a person in the Guidance Department. Please do not leave your paperwork if there is no one to check it for you. The package must include the following:
    • A stamped and addressed business-size envelope (two 49 cent stamps). Please do not send in large manila envelopes as they require additional postage.
    • Parent's signature is required on forms in order for transcripts to be sent.
    • "Things I Want You To Know About Me" Form
  1. Recommendations from teachers must be requested in writing by the student   
    and handed directly to the teacher by the student (not dropped off in Guidance with 
    the application).
    • Please include your completed “Things I Want You To Know About Me” form.
    • An addressed and stamped business-size envelope (two 49 cent stamp)
    • Many schools do not require individual recommendation letters from teachers.  Please request a recommendation letter only if required by the private school.
    Please note: Students with incomplete application packages will be asked to complete them before handing them in.
  1. DEADLINES for all requests including teacher recommendations and forms to be completed by guidance:
    • November 2nd for any December / January deadlines
    • January 4th for any February / March deadlines

Please keep in mind that it takes time and thought for us to write a solid recommendation and fill out necessary forms, hence the strict deadlines. We are happy to complete applications, as it is always a pleasure to tout the accomplishments of our students.