Program of Studies  

The Program of Studies is intended to acquaint parents and students with the course offerings at Hanover Middle School. The Program of Studies is organized by grade level with a separate section describing specialist courses. The courses are designed to meet the Massachusetts State Frameworks as developed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Hanover Middle School, which contains grades five through eight, is designed around the philosophy of teams to create small communities of learners within the school. In grades five and six, the teams are smaller with two and three-teacher teams. In grades seven and eight, the teams contain five teachers. Teachers on these teams provide instruction in English, mathematics, social studies, and science. In grades seven and eight, students begin the study of French or Spanish. An important part of Hanover Middle School is the courses offered by our specialist teachers. These specialist classes provide students with a variety of experiences that enhance their education and help students develop skills and talents that will benefit them throughout their lives.

We believe it is important that students have a challenging academic program within a caring and supportive environment. The purpose of teams is to create that caring and supportive environment within our large school. It is also important that students at this stage develop an understanding of their own learning style and that they learn study strategies that will help them meet their educational goals. Teachers work with students to help with this process as well as develop organizational skills which are important for current and future academic success.

In addition, Hanover Middle School has a Guidance Department to help students with academic and personal issues. The counselors share the responsibility for grade five and then follow the students for three years in grades six, seven, and eight. Counselors also deliver a developmental guidance program that combines classroom instruction and co-teaching with individual and small group work. Special education and support services are available for students who need it.