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Professional Development Application and Guidelines

Last Updated: 07/30/2015

  Application and Guidelines
  Invitation to Group Leaders for Book Study Groups

Teachers and administrators are invited to participate in a study group program to earn 10 or more Professional Development Points. Participants will read a pertinent text, meet to discuss their learning, and then develop follow-up activities. Groups may work during the summer or during the school year. A description of the follow-up activities, along with the title of the text, a list of group members, and an attendance sheet will be submitted to your building administrator. Any teacher or administrator is welcome to suggest a book and form a group. The leader is responsible for corresponding with all group members, organizing meetings, outlining group activities and determining the number of PDPs to be awarded (based on the hours of reading, discussion, and work). The group leader is eligible to earn additional PDPs for the extra responsibility. Participants will be responsible for obtaining copies of the text.

Book Study Group Guidelines

Each study group must consist of at least two people. Study groups can read/meet/work during the summer or the school year or both.

In order to earn PDPs, the reading, discussion, and related activities:

  • must require 10 or more hours
  • may correspond to participants’ Individual Professional Development plans
  • must result in a tangible product
  • must involve learning and applying new information

Activities related to the book can include, but are not limited to:

  • lesson plan development incorporating new learning
  • review of related literature
  • peer observation/discussion of new techniques being implemented
  • follow-up discussions

Group Leaders are responsible for:

  • recruiting group members
  • coordinating meeting schedule
  • outlining group activities
  • keeping a record of attendance at all meetings
  • submitting information so that participants can receive PDPs

Group Leaders must, at the conclusion of all activities, submit the following to building administrators, who will distribute PDPs:

  • names and number of PDPs earned by each participant
  • name of text
  • outline of activities
  • evaluations from group members (form from Professional Development Committee

To calculate PDPs:

  • participants earn 1 PDP for each hour of work
  • estimate the amount of time spent reading, discussing, and engaging in activities
  • time estimates should include ACTUAL ATTENDANCE at meeting

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