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Recertification Information

Last Updated: 07/30/2015

  Recertification Information

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Guidelines for Recertification
As of October 1, 2001 the term certification has been changed to license.

Activities for Professional Development
The following options and examples outline professional development activities that count toward recertification. In an effort to ensure that all activities are professional, relevant and academically meaningful, certain activities that in the past were eligible for PDPs are no longer eligible. For example, PDPs will not be awarded for attendance at a professional conference or participation in a self-directed study group. The options for this round of recertification will assist educators in developing and ongoing individual professional development plan consistent with the educational needs of the school and/or district which providing flexibility in the kinds of activities that are eligible for professional development points for recertification. The following information relates to all possible options that educators may earn PDPs. Hanover Public Schools will only issue PDPs for a professional development activity that is sponsored by Hanover Public Schools.

Activity PHP

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses, Seminars or Institutes

  • Upper-level or equivalent undergraduate course (except as noted in c. below) or lower-level undergraduate course
1 semester hour = 22.5 PDPs
  • Graduate-level course or approved equivalent in the content area (addressing topics listed under subject matter knowledge for the certificate)
1 semester hour = 22.5 PDPs
  • Upper-level undergraduate course or approved equivalent in the content area only when the content is substantially new to the educator. (For example, an elementary teacher with limited content expertise in the area of mathematics may take an upper-level undergraduate course in mathematics and receive 22.5 PDPs per semester hour. A high school mathematics teacher taking the same course would receive 15 PDPs per semester hour, as this would not be substantially new content for the individual.)
1 semester hour = 7.5 PDPs
  • Audited undergraduate or graduate course or equivalent
1 semester hour = 15 PDPs
  • Instructor of a Graduate-level Course or Approved Equivalent for Educators
45 PDPs per semester hour for the first time the course is taught in a five-year renewal cycle

Department of Education Sponsored Initiatives

  • Professional development programs that total at least 10 hours, include a product or pre- and post-content assessment and include a follow-up component
1.5 PDPs per clock hour
  • Professional development activities that do NOT have a pre- and post-content assessment
30 PDPs maximum in a five-year cycle.

Initiatives sponsored by Districts, Collaboratives or Registered Providers

  • Professional development programs that total at least 10 hours, include a product or pre- and post-content assessment and include a follow-up component
1 PDP per clock hour
  • Mentoring
1 PDP per contact hour, maximum of 15 PDPs per year
  • Peer Coaching
1 PDP per contact hour, maximum of 15 PDPs per year
  • Peer Assistance and Review Programs
1 PDP per contact hour, maximum of 15 PDPs per year
  • Cooperating Teacher
1 PDP per contact hour, maximum of 15 PDPs per year
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
120 PDPs for successful completion (30 PDPs in content, 60 PDPs in pedagogy and 30 PDPs in elective)
Team for Accreditation or Inspection
  • School faculty member preparing for visit
30 PDPs in five year cycle
  • Team Member
30 PDPs in five year cycle
Note: PDPs for accreditation or inspection visits may be used for points not subject to supervisor approval.
Educator Designed Activities
  • Professional Conference


While PDPs are no longer awarded for attendance at a professional conference, educators are eligible to receive 30 PDPs the first time they make a presentation at a professional conference in a five-year renewal cycle. In addition, educators who attend a professional conference may extend their learning by developing a school-based activity or curriculum, or by publishing written material.
1 PDP per clock hour
Attendance at conferences sponsored by registered professional development providers that include 10 hours or more on a topic and that have an observable demonstration of learning that could include a written product or other product that can be documented The provider will issue the PDPs.
1 PDP per clock hour
Attendance at conferences that include less than 10 hours on a topic that the educator combines with follow-up activities at the district level to total 10 hours or more. The follow-up activities must include an observable demonstration of learning that could include a written product or other product that can be documented. The registered providers will issue Certificates of Attendance for the conference. The district will issue Certificates of Completion or PDPs, as appropriate and with prior approval, after the successful completion of the follow-up activities.
30 PDPs for each first presentation in a five-year cycle
Making a particular presentation for the first time at a professional conference. The PDPs will be issued by the conference provider.
1 PDP per hour with a maximum of 30 points in all in a five-year cycle
  • School-Based Activity Developing and implementing an activity for students, parents, or teachers that incorporate the learning standards of the curriculum frameworks. Educators may count PDPs from school-based activities toward the recertification content requirement when the activity is directly related to the content area of the certificate.


    • Design and coordinate a series of Family Mathematics Nights within a school.
    • Design and coordinate extended learning activities for students.
    • Design and implement a series of seminars for teachers and/or parents. Training topics might include: developing and implementing standards-based units; designing instructional practices that support learning in a standards-based classroom; supporting special needs students within a standards-based classroom; supporting gifted and talented students within a standards-based classroom
  • Presenters/Trainers Developing and presenting a minimum of 3 separate sessions in a professional development series.
Twice the number of PDPs given to participants, with the presenter receiving a minimum of 10 PDPs and a maximum of 24 PDPs. These points may be counted the first time the training is provided in a five-year cycle
  • Curriculum Development Authoring a new curriculum unit that is published in a school or district guide or formally shared in other ways, including software, student textbook or professional resource.
15 PDPs per curriculum unit with a maximum of 60 PDPs in five years
  • Published Written Materials
    • Doctoral dissertation
90 PDPs in five years
    • Master's or CAGS thesis
45 PDPs in five years
    • Book(s)
90 PDPs per book
    • Professional journal articles or chapters in a professional book
30 PDPs per chapter or article in a book or journal
    • Published results of action research
30 PDPs in five years
Continuing Education Units  
  • Courses provided by professional development providers that meet specific standards are often measured in Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as defined by the International Association for Continuing Education. For more information call 202-463-2905 or visit the website at
1 CEU = 10 PDPs
For more information and frequently asked questions, please visit

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Procedures for Approval to Attend A Conference or Workshop

  1. Requests for approval to attend workshops or conferences within Massachusetts that do not involve overnight stays will be determined by the building administrator with final approval by the Asst. Superintendent of Schools.

  2. Attendance at any workshops which involve out-of-state travel or overnight stays – in-state or out-of-state will require prior approval by the Superintendent of Schools.
  • The staff member must complete the following:
    • submit a Professional Development/Course Reimbursement Activity/Absence Form to the principal.
    • submit necessary documentation of the activity along with the Form
    • upon approval call Substitute Caller to request a substitute if necessary

  • The principal/administrator will complete the following:
    • sign the Professional Development/Course Reimbursement Activity and Absence Form to indicate approval, and retain a copy of the form for record keeping purposes.
    • have a secretary generate a Purchase Order for the registration
    • forward a copy of these forms to the Superintendent.
    • give a copy to staff member making the request.
  1. Upon notification of the approval, the staff member may register for the workshop using the Purchase Order number

  2. Upon completion of the workshop, the staff member must complete the following:
    • obtain certificate of completion
    • send a copy of the approval form to the Business Manager along with the certificate of completion
    • share information you learned at the conference with colleagues

Procedure for Approval of a District Sponsored Professional Development Activity

The procedure described applies to all professional development activities that take place in Hanover Public Schools, whether locally funded or grant funded. A professional development activity may include the following:

  • Workshop Presentation
  • Study/Book Group
  • School/District Activity
  • School-Based Activity
  • Curriculum Development Committee

A staff member who is initiating the activity should complete the Request of Approval of Professional Development Activity form and submit it to the building principal for approval and signature. The principal will send the form to the Asst. Superintendent for approval.
When approval has been granted, that applicant will be notified in writing by the principal.

The staff member who conducts a workshop is responsible for the following:

  • complete a Facilities Usage Form and send this to the principal and Asst. Superintendent for approval. (This is only necessary if the activity will take place outside the regular school hours.)
  • design and distribute the workshop announcement to every building regardless of the target audience.
  • notify all applicants as to their acceptance status.
  • maintain attendance records during all workshop sessions.
  • maintain records of all projects, and pre-and post-assessments.
  • send the summary of evaluations to the Asst. Superintendent’s office upon the completion of the professional development activity.

Procedures for Presenter of a District Sponsored Professional Development Activity

The administrator or staff member responsible for conducting a workshop sponsored by the Hanover Public Schools should do the following:

  1. Take attendance at each workshop.
  2. Distribute and collect evaluations from each participant.
  3. Compile the summary of evaluations from the individual forms and send the summary form to the Superintendent’s office.
  4. Retain the individual evaluations at the building/department level.
  5. If the Business Manager generated contracts for the participants and they completed all the necessary projects, notify the Business Manager at the conclusion of the activity so the payment will be authorized.
  6. Complete the Request for PDPs form, indicating the number of PDPs to be awarded to each participant, and send to the Superintendent’s office.

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