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Hanover Public Schools
Showcase Galleries

  Hanover Public Schools Showcase Galleries
  The Hanover Public Schools Showcase is where the student's and staff creative work is displayed and multimedia clips are viewed. Check back often to see what has been added to our collection.

Videos & Movies
Event Photo Galleries
Movies and presentations contains students performances, sporting events, movies made in classes and independent projects made by the students and staff. View the highlights now.   A photo can express so many views and emotions. Check photography from events and happenings at Hanover Public Schools.

Audio Recordings
Listen to academic speeches, guest speakers and many more podcasts.   Check out audio recordings of student music groups, concerts, and other musical events that happen throughout the district.
  Additional Showcase Galleries

Office of
Family and Community Engagement
View multimedia galleries from the SCORE, CASE, EDP, and Enrichment programs. Galleries are updated often to be sure to check-in regularly.