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Photo Gallery   Chamber of Commerce Breakfast
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Chamber of Commerce Breakfast & Shadow Day, March 1, 2007
Internships in the workplace or in community organization are important for students to develop an understanding of professions that interest them before they enter college or the job market. Students in the Internship Program will be assigned to a business or an organization that matches their interest in a future profession. They will receive credit toward graduation; therefore, the employer and the Internship Supervisor from the high school will evaluate them each term. The Internship will last one or two semesters and will require students to intern a minimum or five hours per week

During the Business Technology Department's Job Shadowing Day, students will shadow a professional in a career in which the student is interested. This experience will assist the students in evaluating a profession before they make the college major/career choice. Each student will have the opportunity to tour a job site, "shadow" an employee, and participate in some workplace activities. Job Shadowing Day also helps the employers prepare the future workforce and promote potential long-term mentoring relationships between the business community and the schools. Many of the students may return to their Shadow site as an Intern or an employee.

Photos: Stephen T. Ryerson