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FoodPlay, January 29, 2007
As part of our continuing efforts to further healthy school learning environments within the Hanover Schools the performance group FoodPlay visited Cedar School on Monday, January 29. FoodPlay is the story of Johnny Junkfood, an aspiring Olympic juggler, and his coach/nutritionist Toby. The FoodPlay performers encouraged students to avoid sugary foods like soda and "sports drinks". They recommended eating: whole grain foods; five fruits and vegetables; low fat dairy products (and/or soy or rice milk); meat, poultry, fish, legumes, nuts and seeds each day. Finally, students were reminded to "read it before you eat it". Read food labels in order to avoid added sugars and dangerous food additives. Thank you to the Hanover Foundation for Educational Enrichment for bringing FoodPlay to the Cedar School.

Photos: Terry Langton