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Photo Gallery   SADD Basketball, 2009
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Hanover High School, SADD Basketball Game: Students v. Faculty, March 13, 2009

After a week of trash-talking between both sides, with one teacher reportedly saying “I save my dunks for the competitive games,” the annual SADD student faculty basketball game took place. The only question left to be answered was: would it live up to the hype?

The game began with the students going on a 7-0 run in the first 4:15. The teachers finally score with 2:30 left to play. They would score again, but it wasn’t enough to hold back the students, and the first quarter ended with the students up 14-4. Early on in the second, the teachers show off their excellent passing skills, but the teachers can’t seem to get the momentum going to mount a comeback, scoring only once in the first 5:30. Late in the second Mr. Rodday shows off his moves scoring a little layup which brought the scoring of the first half to a close, students still leading 21-9. Now it was time for the much anticipated half-court shot competition.

At halftime, there was a half-court shot competition. Anyone who didn’t win the lottery to play in the game itself now had a chance at a half-court shot. Several of the participants try the underhand approach to the shot and some came close but just didn’t make it. Joe Romano shows off some nice moves, but air balls both shots. When T.J. O’Toole stepped up to the line to make his shot, unlike everyone else, he swished it through. Now the “king” of the trash talkers, Mr. Hopkins, steps to the line. After airing, two previous attempts, Mr. Hopkins steps back to the opposite foul line, turns his hat around, gets a running shot, and throws the ball up. The ball seemingly hung in the air for what seemed like eternity, then hit the rim and rolled in. Throwing his arms into the air, Mr. Hopkins turned to the stunned crowd and accepted his applause. With all the levity over, it was now time to get back to the action.

The third quarter opens up with the score standing at 21-9 in favor of the students. It seemed to be over, but that’s when it happened. The teachers began their comeback, going on a 12-point run to tie up the score at 21, with a little over 11 minutes left in regulation. But by the end of the third the students had reclaimed the lead by only a slight margin, score 26-23. The fourth quarter, begins where the third left off, with seesaw action, neither team able to open up a lead. And then 2:10 into the fourth, the teachers finally score and pull ahead for the first time in the game, score 31-30 in favor of the teachers. And just when the teachers looked like they were going to keep the lead, they seemed to lose their second wind, especially after the 3-pointer swish by senior Kelli Williams! This allowed the students to regain the lead and that’s the way it stayed. Final score on the game: students 41, teachers 35. Overall the game was a huge success. Many thanks go to SADD and Mrs. Youngworth for organizing the game, and to all the teachers who played. Better luck next year!

Article: Dan Tomasetti, Hanover High School
Photos: Glenn Cooper, Hanover High School