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Hanover Public Schools
Photo Gallery   HPTA Harlem Wizards Event
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Harlem Wizards vs. Hanover All Stars, May 19, 2007

The Hanover PTA successfully hosted two shows featuring the Harlem Wizards. This community and family oriented event featured members from the High School faculty, the boys and girls basketball teams, administrators and parents from the school community.

The Harlem Wizards are one of the greatest basketball show-team organizations to ever "lace it up and let 'em fly." Each event at which the Harlem Wizards perform offers a rare combination of individual athleticism, teamwork, entertainment and community involvement. It is pure enjoyment for every fan in attendance.

Featuring some of the top basketball talent in the world, the Harlem Wizards' exciting brand of "Trick Hoopz and Alley Oops" is so engaging that after five decades they are still packing gymnasiums all across the globe with fans eager to laugh and be amazed.

The Harlem Wizards' Mission is to create a joyous, awe-inspiring basketball experience for all.

Visit the Harlem Wizards Website

Photos: Stephen T. Ryerson