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Podcasts are available in mp3 format and streamed using Adobe Flash. To save a track using a PC, right click over the track title and choose save or save target as... On a Mac press the control key + click on the track title and choose download. Streaming allows your computer to automatically play the files directly from the webpage.

Cinquain Poetry at Cedar Elementary School
Cedar Elementary School, April 30, 2010

The 3rd Graders at Cedar were given the opportunity to write cinquain poems in Information Technology class. They were introduced to the format of this type of poetry and then they combined their writing skills with their typing skills to create their own cinquain poem on the computer. After they typed and formatted their poem using Microsoft Word, they created podcasts of their poems. We hope you enjoy our poetry readings!

Student poetry was recorded by Kelly Kacamburas, Information Technology Teacher, Cedar Elementary School

Downloadable (follow above instructions) Listen (requires Flash Player)
1. Grade 3: Jordan
2. Grade 3: Joubert
3. Grade 3: Caulfield
4. Grade 3: Downs
5. Grade 3: Johnson