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An Evening of Poetry
Center Elementary School, November 20, 2008
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1. A Celebration of Poetry Program

Julia Thacker, an award winning poet and teacher, has joined the Center/Sylvester staff for the past 8 weeks. During this time, she has conducted interactive workshops with kindergarten through grade four students. Ms. Thacker has inspired them to express themselves in poetic form by engaging them in creative writing and sharing. An evening of poetry was planned on Thursday, November 20, 2008 to celebrate the students work and culminate the end of the poetry program.

View the Student's Poems (pdf)

I. Fury Poems
The Fury of a Bad Haircut -- Lauren B.
Oh, The Fury of the Sun -- Maddy C.
The Fury of Figure Skating -- Chloe M.
The Fury of the Future -- Brad R.
The Fury of Roller Blades --Taylah O.
The Fury of Cursive -- Jill M.
The Fury of the Monster Under the Bed -- Arin W.
II. Name Tag Poems
Popcorn -- Anna M.
Rainbow -- Steven S.
Leaf -- Hailey M.
Rain -- Justin A.
Cloud -- John T.
(More) Rain! -- Isabella W.
III. Body Poems
Eyebrows -- John D.
Ears -- Elizabeth M.
Arms -- Eleni K.
Bones -- Heather N.
Imagination -- Michael D.
IV. Word Bowl Poems
I'm Going to Be Late for School -- John D.
Darkness and the Moon -- Matt B.
Dusk -- Aidan R.
The Sunset -- Alex L.
Touching -- Ben G.
Criss-Cross Poems -- Haley D.
V. Memory Poems
When I Was in Kindergarten -- Kenny J.
The Memory of a Lifetime -- Josh B.
Baltimore -- Jack M.
Hooray! -- Sarah C.