The 3 R's

Rigor, as a concept is a starting point for educators to translate the demand for all students to master new skills. Curriculum content is one way to think about rigor and what students are able to do as the result of a lesson.

Relevance is essential for students to understand the purpose of learning and be motivated to achieve rigor.

The most important of the three R's is the respectful relationship students experience with their teachers. This is the most important element in motivating students to want to achieve at high standards. Relationships with caring, respectful adults is most important.

Be A Success

  • Be Positive
  • Care About What You Do
  • Be Prepared
  • Try Your Best
  • Ask For Help
  • Complete Assignments
  • Try New Things
  • Make Good Choices
  • Be Kind To Others
  • Share Your Work At Home

School Rules

  • Show Respect
  • Cooperate
  • Be Polite
  • Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  • Use Appropriate Language
  • Make Good Choices

Ten Ways To Get Along With Each Other

  1. Remember that everyone is special.
  2. Respect other's opinions.
  3. Share your ideas and interests with others.
  4. Include everyone.
  5. Learn about other cultures.
  6. Do not think of yourself as better than others.
  7. Be a good listener.
  8. Make every effort to be a good friend.
  9. Notice people's similarities and appreciate their differences.
  10. Seek peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Work Habits and Personal Development

Growth in these areas will be fostered and development noted each term on the report card.

  • Demonstrates self control
  • Accepts responsibility for own actions
  • Respects people and environment
  • Makes transitions effectively
  • Makes good choices
  • Seeks assistance at appropriate times
  • Cooperates during group activities
  • Works independently
  • Demonstrates effective effort
  • Completes quality work
  • Follows directions
  • Plans and organizes own work
  • Completes homework