Expectations & Rules

Student Expectations

A positive school atmosphere is necessary to provide an effective educational program for each child. A good school climate is the result of the administrators, teachers, students, and parents working together.


  • Speak in an acceptable manner
  • Move in a careful way
  • Follow directions
  • Respect the property of the school, teachers, and others

In general, students are expected to behave in a way that promotes learning and does not interfere with teaching and learning. Teachers and students in each classroom set up rules and consequences that promote an optimum learning situation for all. Students reported for misconduct will speak with the principal. Parents will be notified when it is deemed necessary.


  • Remember that classes are in session
  • Walk quietly and to the right
  • Go directly to their destinations

In general, students should be quiet, careful, and courteous in the halls. They should be considerate of classes that are in session and try not to disturb teachers and students who are working.


  • Play carefully, and in a manner that will not cause harm to self or others
  • Use the rules of the games
  • Follow directions
  • Walk to their class line when the bell is rung or other signal is given

In general, students are expected to abide by the rules of the playground, to cooperate with the teachers on duty, and to be considerate. Students who do not follow the rules may be required to remain inside during recess for a period of time to be determined by the principal.


  • Pass through the serving area in a quiet, orderly manner
  • Remain seated at their assigned tables
  • Talk in an acceptable manner
  • Respect school property and the belongings of others
  • Follow directions
  • Clear tables and place trash in the proper receptacles before leaving
  • Listen carefully and line up quietly when the bell is rung or other signal given for dismissal from the cafeteria

In general, students are expected to abide by the rules of the cafeteria. Students reported for misconduct may be required to miss the lunch recess or to have lunch in another area designated by the principal.


  • Wait for the bus in an orderly manner
  • Board and depart the bus only after it has fully stopped
  • Cross in front of the bus
  • Be quiet and orderly
  • Sit at all times; never stand or place arms, legs, bags in the aisle or out of the window
  • Respect the bus and belongings of other students; never throw things or cause a disturbance
  • Follow directions
  • No food may be eaten on the bus

In general, students should remember that the bus is an extension of the school and that the same rules of good behavior, consideration, respect, and cooperation are always in effect. Students reported for misconduct on a bus may lose the privilege of riding on the bus for a period of time to be decided by the principal.


All individuals involved in the schools must share the responsibility for creating and supporting a positive school environment. The responsibility for discipline, therefore, lies with all of us - parents, teachers, principals, and students. School rules have been carefully developed with reasonable consequences if rules are not followed. Parents will be notified at the discretion of the teacher and/or principal when a student violates a rule. Flagrant verbal or physical opposition to authority and/or other students, habitual bad conduct or improper language, willful destruction/damage/defacement of school property, possession of harmful materials, and behavior which interferes with the orderly processes of the school may, at the discretion of the principal, result in after-school detention or suspension. Parents will be contacted and must arrange for transportation for all after school sessions. All policies stated here are consistent with the Student Code of Discipline.