Kindergarten Program

Welcome to Kindergarten at Center/Sylvester Elementary School. Please review the kindergarten student information and documentation available below.

Recognizing letters, numbers, colors, shapes; handling books; using writing and drawing tools; having opportunities to develop and use language and chances to speak and listen; exploring beaches, museums, nature, historical sites; and opportunities to play and develop social skills will ensure that your child is ready to learn in September.

There is a required reading book for all students entering Kindergarten. The title is “Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten” by Joseph Slate and is available for sale at Center School during your child’s screening appointment or at local bookstores. For those who don’t wish to purchase, you will be able to borrow the book from The John Curtis Library.

Kindergarten Registration

If your child will be five years of age prior to September 1, please review the Kindergarten Registration information to register your child.

Kindergarten Hours

Half Day Kindergarten
8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri)
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Tues)

Full Day Kindergarten
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri)
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM (Tues)

Letter of Placement

Your child will be assigned to either a morning (AM) or full day kindergarten session. On or around August 15th, you will receive a letter of placement, which will also detail information regarding the first day of Kindergarten. The letter will also offer an orientation day for your child to come visit their classroom in September prior to the first day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten SCORE Program

All kindergarten students may participate in this program. AM students may attend the Before School Program. Kindergarten students may also sign up for Kindergarten SCORE held after half-day kindergarten. For more information, or if you have any questions, please call 781-829-0406.

  • SCORE*

Bus/Bus Routes

Bus routes will be printed in the Hanover Mariner and posted on our bus routes web page in late August. Please find your street on one of the published routes. Buses and routes are designated by letters.

Each student will be assigned to a bus for transportation to and from school. We cannot efficiently and safely accommodate requests for multiple bus assignments or requests to ride other buses. The bus company and the Hanover Police safety officer establish routes and neighborhood bus stops. The buses are scheduled to leave school in the afternoon at the end of the school day. Kindergarten students sit at the front of the bus. Kindergarten students wait at the front of the bus dismissal lines.

  • AM Kindergarten Bus: AM students travel on the neighborhood bus with Center/Sylvester students in grades 1-4. They are picked up at the bus stop closest to their homes. When AM students are transported home, there are only Kindergarten children on the bus. At this time, Kindergarten students will be dropped at their homes. Please wait outside for the arrival of the bus. If for some reason you are not at home/not outside, the driver will bring your child back to us at Center School. Arrangements will then have to be made for your child to be picked up. On Tuesdays, when the AM Kindergarten students are dismissed, they will ride the neighborhood bus and will be dropped off at the neighborhood bus stop.
  • Full Day Kindergarten Bus: Full day students travel on the neighborhood bus with Center/Sylvester students in grades 1-4. They are picked up at the bus stop closest to their homes.

Change in Transportation

The following is our Transportation Policy: If your child will be attending one of the day care facilities on the bus routes, it will be necessary for you to fill out a Bus Transportation Request Form. Students will be transported to and from the SAME place EVERY day of the week. If your child is being transported to one of the day care facilities on one of the bus routes, it will be necessary to have him/her transported there Monday through Friday or for you to transport your child on the days he/she does not go the day care facility. This request replaces the assigned bus. Requests must be made by filling out a Bus Transportation Request.


Verification of immunization must be on file prior to your child starting school in September. If you have not done so already, please ask your pediatrician to document your child’s most recent physical examination on an approved form.

Lunch Program

The Center School cafeteria offers lunch every day to full day students and on Tuesdays to half-day kindergarten students. View more information about the lunch program and menu choices.

Special Subjects

In addition to the regular program on instruction provided by the Kindergarten teacher, Kindergarten students are scheduled for one thirty minute period of art, music, physical education, and library, with special subject area teachers.


Tuition for the 2018-2019 school year is $3750. The required deposit of $500 will be deducted from the full tuition amount and the remaining balance will be split over four equal payments. Payments will be due on August 1st, November 1st, February 1st, and May 1st. If you would prefer to pay your tuition in full this option is available to families as well.

Reduced Tuition
Some families may qualify for a reduced tuition based on family income. If you wish to apply for reduced tuition, you must do the following

  1. Complete the Reduced Tuition application
  2. Include all required documentation
  3. Return packet to your school by February 2, 2018

There is a full day sliding scale tuition reduction program that you can apply for. You will be notified in writing regarding qualification for reduced tuition.

A deposit of $500 for the tuition-based program is due at the time of registration.

Payment Options
You may submit your payments online by using the UniPay Online Payment Center. You may also pay by check at the Cedar School main office.

  • You will need to select Hanover Public Schools, Center/Sylvester, Center/Sylvester Kindergarten Tuition to view payment options.