Hanover Public Schools

Our School District

"The mission of the Hanover Public Schools is
to guide every student to thrive in a global society."

The goal of Hanover Public Schools is to ensure a quality education for our children by stressing high expectations for learning and behavior, by developing a desire to learn, and by offering challenging opportunities to acquire basic skills, as well as, opportunities to explore and grow in other areas.

Our schools are a source of great pride for our students, staff, families, alumni, and residents both past and present. Together, we strive to grow and improve every day knowing that Hanover High School, Hanover Middle School, Cedar Elementary, and Center/Sylvester Elementary are core reasons families choose to make Hanover their home. We embrace the obligation to provide cultural opportunities, economic strength, and civic pride for our town along with inspiring all of our students to believe that their talents will impact the future of our community and beyond.

A Few Great Things About Hanover Public Schools

New K-8 Math Curriculum: Our district recently implemented new math curriculums, enVisionsMATH and Connected Math3, for our K-8 students. Over 1,700 of our students are enthusiastically participating in real-world, differentiated, problembased learning on a daily basis. This addition to our core daily instruction could not have happened with out the tremendous support of our Hanover community.

The Office of Family & Community Engagement

The Office of Family & Community Engagement (FACE) is a vibrant part of the Hanover Public Schools. We strive to provide exceptional programs, services and resources to students, families and community members. Our programs provide meaningful experiences that inspire, engage and challenge students of all ages and abilities in a setting that promotes social, emotional and personal well being.

Hanover Performing Arts Company

Hanover is proud of our district-wide performing arts program that is offered at all grade levels. The Company typically produces 6-8 shows a year with over 300 students participating in all areas of the show from acting, singing and dancing, technical production, and performing as part of the orchestra. Annually, over 5,000 community members have enjoyed our shows!

College Acceptance

We are very proud of the 189 graduates of the Class of 2018 with an astounding 94% of graduates having committed to post secondary education or enlisted in a branch of the United States Armed Forces. Over $200K in scholarships was awarded to 90 students!

Other Highlights Include

  • Engaging and challenging academics for grades PreK-12
  • Many enrichment programs for students, as well as adult education courses throughout the year
  • Exceptional athletic teams
  • Integrated technology in all of our classrooms
  • Robotics teams at the middle and high school levels
  • Strong partnership with the Hanover community