Family Outreach: 13 Reasons Why

You have likely heard of the Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why.  The show revolves around the suicide of a teenage girl and audiotapes that she leaves behind.  Netflix has announced the launch of season two for Friday, May 18th.  This series has received both praise and criticism for the very serious and challenging issues it addresses including suicide, sexual assault, drug and alcohol use, bullying, and school violence.  These depictions may not be appropriate for all students, and we simply want to give families resources to support you in addressing these issues at home if needed.  As a parent myself, these are issues that keep me up at night.  If we can support you or your children in any way, please pick up the phone and let us know.  We are all in this together.  


As we put together this message, we learned about the shooting and casualties at Santa Fe High School in Texas.  There are no longer words that can adequately convey the sadness we all feel when these incidents occur.  Please keep their school community in your thoughts and prayers.  We will continue to do all we can to keep our students and staff safe.


Matt Ferron
Superintendent of Schools