Hanover Public Schools Announces New Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Motto 6/22/22

Hanover Hawk

This year, we committed ourselves to review and update the Hanover Public School’s Vision Statement. This goal quickly expanded to the creation of a more contemporary and relevant Mission Statement and Motto. To succeed in this endeavor, we established a Vision Committee of teachers, parents, School Committee, and administrators to seek feedback from students, staff, and our community over the course of several months to inform and inspire this work. This Committee worked together for the entire year on this project, and they did an excellent job. Their names are at the end of this message, and I am very grateful for their thoughtfulness and efforts. 

It is with pride and enthusiasm that I write today to notify you that the Vision Committee has completed this project! They presented their recommendations for a Vision, Mission, and Motto to the School Committee, and the School Committee unanimously voted on June 8, 2022, to accept the updated statements as written below. 

A meaningful vision statement inspires an organization to look to the future with hope and purpose. A memorable vision statement should be concise, highly ambitious, and it must be enduring. A mission statement reflects the necessary work required to achieve the vision, and the motto becomes the words we live by. Moving forward, these important statements that help guide our decisions will be as follows: 

Our Vision Statement

Hanover Hawks will soar and succeed without limits.

Our Mission Statement

The Hanover Public Schools prepares students to soar and succeed by upholding the highest expectations for teaching and learning. We engage all learners within a welcoming, challenging, and supportive learning environment by promoting:

  • Meaningful and relevant curricula.
  • Opportunities for character development, self-responsibility, and leadership.
  • A culture of curiosity, creativity, empathy, and inclusion.
  • A community where all feel welcomed.
  • Enrichment opportunities in the arts, athletics, and fundamental life skills.
  • Transparent and trusting relationships.

Our Motto

Soar and Succeed!

The Vision Committee received upwards of 750 responses to the survey sent out this winter from students, faculty, parents, and Hanover community members. As they evaluated the responses, the Committee repeatedly asked themselves, what is the respondents’ collective vision for HPS? The process of finding this answer was like searching through a large stack of hay to find a needle. During data analysis, they read and re-read the responses, identified and categorized keywords and phrases, summarized extracts from the text by using single words to capture its essence, and then combined these categories into overarching themes that explained/described the data.

The Vision Committee believes that these statements are inspirational, memorable, and most importantly, instructive. They believe that it is possible for every student of Hanover, at this time next year and for many years beyond, to know and understand exactly what is expected of them. Simply put, to soar and succeed without limits. More complex will be the essential questions their teachers will often pose to them:  How do you soar?  How will you soar?

This brief video (beautifully created by Steve Ryerson and narrated by Russ Wilson) will provide you with a clear understanding of how the Vision, Mission, and Motto work interchangeably. It also speaks to our goal as educators to provide endless, diverse, and relevant opportunities for our Hanover students to soar in every limitless meaning of the word. Because when Hanover students soar without limits, they can only succeed!

Our Vision Committee Members

  • Russ Wilson,  Center School Assistant Principal
  • Ellen McLaughlin, Cedar School Assistant Principal
  • Dr . Terrence Langton, District Department Head for PE/Wellness, Cedar School PE Teacher
  • Dr. Kim Stoloski,  Center School Special Education Administrator
  • Ruth Lynch, School Committee Member
  • Andrea Sheehan, PTA President, and HPS Parent
  • Tom Hogan, HMS Teacher
  • Renee Parry, HHS Teacher
  • Ann Coates, HHS Teacher

Best wishes for a safe, relaxing, and rejuvenating summer! 


Matt Ferron