Summer Programs Update for FACE and Hanover Parks and Recreation

May 14, 2020
FACE Hands

We hope this message finds your family healthy and well.  As we move closer to the summer months, we are evaluating all options for the Office of Family and Community Engagement and Hanover Parks and Recreation Department summer programs in partnership with the Board of Health.  As we eagerly await direction from the Governor regarding the viability of summer programs across the state, we are forced to take a realistic look at the situation in front of us.  The traditional summer experience to which we are all accustomed will be significantly different at best.  As community organizations, we are committed to providing safe, high quality programs to our students and families.  As a result, we are exploring all aspects of our operations to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of our students, families, staff and community.  The considerations are extraordinary and require knowledgeable and thoughtful responses that uphold the health and safety of all those involved including:

Health and Safety

Implement and maintain with fidelity protocols consistent with current state and local guidelines for the safety, health, and emotional wellness of students, families, and staff.


The heart of our summer experience.  Safely manage social distancing and the sharing of equipment and supplies for all participants in a way that promotes authentic learning experiences.

Daily Operations

Develop efficient logistics that maintain health and safety including daily temperature checks, requiring/providing PPE to staff, appropriate group sizes, streamlined transitions and consistent staffing levels with consideration for absences due to illness or quarantine. 

Physical Environment

Implement consistent cleaning and disinfecting practices before, during, and after each day. 

Contact Tracing

Adhere to the public health guidelines for assessment, communication, monitoring, self quarantine, and short and long term program closure.  


Maintain self funded operations with reduced enrollment and prospective cancellations, potential program closures for contact tracing and quarantine, expenses for additional safety equipment, increased staffing requirements and cleaning costs.  


Provide consistent and reliable access to programs for working families. 

Unfortunately, while we examine our capacity for safe operation, we must also prepare for a potential cancellation of our summer programs and prioritize our time and resources planning for the fall.  We recognize the burden this will place on many of our families and understand the need for timely information.  We will have a final decision no later than Thursday May 21st.  We will take all guidance from the Governor under careful consideration, but ultimately our decision will be based on our ability to address the issues above with a high degree of confidence for safety and success. 

Thank you for your support while we continue to navigate these challenging circumstances. 


Matthew Ferron, Superintendent of Schools
Joe Colangelo, Town Manager
Tammy Murray, Community Services Director 
Kelly Lawrence, Office of Family & Community Engagement Director 
Lauren Rodday, Hanover Parks and Recreation Director