Emergency Response Protocols

There are several actions that the school may take during an emergency.  On an annual basis, school emergency response plans are practiced at every level.  Procedures are updated on a regular bases to reflect the current best practices.  The following is a brief description of the responses:

  • Stay Put:  Students will stay in their classroom until directed to leave. Only Police Officers, Firefighters, and Emergency personnel will enter or exit the school.  A Stay Put means students will stay in the school building until they are cleared to leave.  Stay Put is used when evacuation or dismissal would not be appropriate.
  • Evacuation:  Evacuation means that students and staff must leave the school building.  They will move to an area outside the school or to an off-site location.  When necessary, buses will move students.
  • Student Dismissal:  Some emergencies will require that parents pick up their children.  Students will only be sent home with adults who are listed on their Emergency Contact Card and have an ID.