High School Registration

2018-2019 School Year

Welcome to Hanover Public Schools.  It is incumbent upon the Hanover Public Schools to act diligently to ensure that only Hanover residents attend the Hanover Public Schools.  In light of this, we ask your patience and cooperation in supplying the school with the essential documents for registration.  The administrative and guidance teams will work hard to make your application and entry process uncomplicated.  We take pride in our school system and want your first visit to go smoothly.

Requirements for Admission

In order to save you from extra trips to the building, please be aware of the following requirements for admission:

  1. Begin by contacting the High School Guidance Office to schedule a registration appointment.  Each student must be accompanied to this appointment by a parent or legally appointed guardian with whom the student resides.
  2. Download the Hanover Public Schools registration forms and fill them out ahead of time.  Bring them, along with the following documentation, for review at your appointment.
    1. Photographic identification of the parent or guardian, such as a driver’s license, passport, etc. (individual must be recognizable in photo).
    2. Legal documents authorizing guardianship, as necessary.
    3. Proof of residence in Hanover:
      1. A deed, mortgage, rental agreement, or signed purchase & sales agreement.  The purchase and sales agreement must have been completed within 60 days.  (A letter from a landlord or relative is not an acceptable item of proof).
      2. Additionally, one of the following is also required: Current original gas bill, oil bill, electric bill, or bank statement, showing Hanover address.  (A telephone bill is not an acceptable item of proof).
      3. The student’s birth certificate.
      4. An up-to-date health and immunization record, including a current tuberculin skin test and its results.  This must be reviewed and accepted by the Hanover High School nurse.
  3. Bring the student’s official school records listed below or arrange to have them forwarded to the Guidance Office prior to the registration appointment.  Please ask the school or schools to include both academic and disciplinary records, and include the school’s address, phone number, and the name of the appropriate contact (such as Principal, Assistant Principal or School Counselor):
    1. School Transcript
    2. Attendance Record
    3. Guidance Records
    4. MCAS Results
    5. Special Education Records (if applicable)
    6. Student Discipline Record Form/Felony Statement
    7. MIAA Form 200 (if applicable)

Registration Forms


For questions or concerns, please contact Hanover High School:

Hanover High School Guidance
Mia Gallagher
Administrative Assistant
287 Cedar Street
Hanover, MA 02339
781-878-3990, press 0