Early Education & Care/Integrated Preschool

What is the Integrated Preschool Program?

The Integrated Preschool Program follows a collaborative model, in which the special education teacher, classroom assistant, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and behavioral therapist work closely together as a team to foster and promote your child’s developmental skills.  This program is designed for children aged three to five years old with identified special needs as typically developing peers.

How do I refer my child for the preschool program?

A child is typically referred to the program through Early Intervention, a physician, and/or parent concerns.  A child initially undergoes a screening process, which is set up through the special education coordinator at each elementary school.  The screenings are scheduled on a monthly basis and are performed by members of the preschool team.  Results of the screening may indicate further assessment is needed.  If so, the child will be evaluated in the areas of concern.

What is the parent’s role?

  • Recognize your child’s area of need which may interfere with their daily living skills;
  • Promote carry-over of skills by participating in home programs;
  • Keep open lines of communication with Team members;
  • Be an active participant in your child’s Team meetings.