Virtual High School (VHS)

Students may earn up to 2.5 credits per semester or up to 5 credits per year in this innovative and challenging program.

Hanover High School students will have the opportunity to enroll in unique courses not traditionally available at Hanover High School, such as Pre-Veterinary Medicine or Entrepreneurship or Screenwriting.

The Virtual High School (VHS) classes take place entirely over the Internet.  Students may choose from a full catalog of semester length courses, including honors, college, and standard courses.  Year-long Advanced Placement courses are also available.  Students will not be able to enroll in any Virtual High School course that is currently being taught at Hanover High School without the written permission of the principal.

VHS students gain essential 21st century learning skills, such as information and media literacy practice, online collaboration, communication, and team-building.  The structure of VHS courses requires productivity, initiative, and self-direction from students who will be entirely accountable and responsible for their own learning.

Class sizes are limited to 25, and there is an emphasis on interaction between teachers and students.  Activities are student-centered and discussion and group activities are a part of each VHS course.  Students will be scheduled to report to either the Library or the Engineering Design room to attend their VHS class.  Students will be chosen on a first come first served basis with preference given to seniors, juniors, sophomores, and finally freshman in that order.

VHS classes are offered in a scheduled asynchronous mode.  This means that classes follow a semester schedule and assignments are due at specified weekly intervals.  However, students can complete their work at anytime during the week, as long as work is posted by specified due dates.

Site coordinator, Sue McHugh, will be available throughout the year for technical assistance, distribution of class materials, and biweekly progress reports which will be sent home.

Please login online to The Virtual High School (VHS) website to see the course offerings.  For further information, please see your guidance counselor and request a registration form.

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