SportsWare (SWOL)

Prior to participating in athletics at Hanover High School, each athlete must provide the Athletic Department with a current address as well as emergency contact, insurance, medical alert, and health history information.  To expedite this process the Athletic Department uses SportsWare, an online data entry system.

Specific instructions are provided in the link below for both new and existing members.  Please provide all information that is applicable.  If this information changes during the year, please login to update the information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Office at (781) 878-5450 ext. 2514.  Your help and patience is appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I use the same account for multiple children?

No.  Each student must have a separate account.

Can I create multiple accounts with the same email address?

Yes.  Accounts can use the same email address but will require different passwords.

Why is my child not indicated as "Cleared to play" although I believe I completed all requirements?

The cleared to play status is not automated.  All information is reviewed by the Athletic Trainer and is then cleared to play.  Please allow up to 48 hours for status to be change prior to contacting the Athletic Trainer.

What is the school ID for Hanover High School?

The school ID is hanoverhs.