Clubs & Activities


Co-curricular activities are clubs and organizations in which the students participate outside, but sometimes connected to, the regular scheduled class subjects, and in which the students may represent the school in competition, visits and performances.  These clubs and activities may include attendance at events sponsored by the school.  Students are reminded that all rules and regulations are in effect for all school clubs activities.  Participation in clubs and activities are subject to the same academic eligibility expectations for student-athletes.  Students should be aware that participation and attendance at all of these events is a privilege and not a right.


  • Provide experiences that meet and develop the academic, physical, and social needs of students;
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students;
  • Provide wholesome outlets for the expression of responsible ideas and opinions;
  • Help build a better sense of community and the need to serve in the community;
  • Help develop the value of cooperation and responsibility;
  • Help develop interests in activities that become lifelong pursuits.