Academic and Personal Support

Academic Support

The high school years represent an educational turning point in the lives of students.  Students are preparing for postsecondary options, which include college, vocational training, work, and the military.  Career guidance, academic planning and 21st Century Skill integration are critical to help all students’ transition to the world after high school.

Personal Support

Parents, family members, peers and school influence these students.  Amid the turbulence and growth, high school youth balance continued parental involvement and dependence, with the need to become independent thinkers.  With the challenges of adolescent development, some students may also face obstacles such as substance abuse, depression/anxiety, peer/dating conflict and issues related to self-harm, suicide and dating/family abuse.  Over the course of the high school years, these struggles create a personal challenge for all individuals as they formulate a stable sense of identity.

Adjustment Counselor

In addition to working with all students to promote academic success and assisting in developing a meaningful plan for life after high school, Counselors help students balance all aspects of their lives in order to support personal growth.  The school has on staff an Adjustment Counselor available for students' personal counseling.


If you would like to make an appointment with any of the Counselors, please contact the Guidance Office.  You may contact the Guidance Office personnel via email, phone, or in person.  Please refer to the Staff Directory for more contact information and phone extensions.

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