Program of Studies

Courses detailed in the Program of Studies indicate the willingness of Hanover High School to provide appropriate educational opportunities for all students.  However, if an insufficient number of students select a specific course, it is not possible to offer the course.  In cases where courses are oversubscribed, priority for enrollment will be given to seniors, juniors, sophomores, and finally freshmen.  Students who are unable to enroll in a course of their first choice will be offered an alternate course to insure a seven period day.  Students are encouraged to plan a course of studies for four years.

Please take some time to review the graduation requirements that are detailed in this section and utilize the four-year sequence planner at the end of this booklet.  Develop a flexible plan that allows for required courses as well as elective courses that highlight or enhance a particular skill or interest.  Schedule your program with your future in mind. Students who intend to continue their education after graduation must pay close attention to college admissions requirements when planning a four-year sequence.  Levels are designated in most courses and all levels are college preparatory.  Level designations are indicated in each course title.  General level descriptions and expectations are also detailed.

The curriculum for all courses is aligned with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education frameworks as required.  Seek input carefully and take advantage of the advice available from teachers, counselors, administrators and parents/guardians.  If you have a question about the types of courses you should take in order to be equipped for a specific career field or specific type of college or university, please consult your Guidance Counselor ahead of time.