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Black and White photo of Albert Einstein sitting and holding his hands with his elbows on the table in front of himThis page is designed for parents/guardians and students who are looking to work on math from home. Below is a variety of links in different categories.

Many of our middle school textbooks come with access to online resources. If teachers are using these in their class, they gave students directions in class on how to access the site, so please ask your child about this. This can be a helpful resource for parents as well.

The references on this page will help you conquer any challenges you may have. There's so much to learn. Have fun and enjoy!

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  • ClassZone Math eServices: Use this math resource in conjunction with your textbook for extra help, practice problems, games and activities, and assessment.
  • ClassZone eServices: A great textbook resource for math and other subjects taught at Hanover Middle School.

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