The purpose of athletics is to provide learning experiences that contribute to physical, mental, social and emotional growth.  Athletics should foster the development of positive self-esteem and a climate among coaches and team members where mutual respect, honor and integrity are valued.  In this way, athletics fulfills a necessary and important function in the entire educational process.

The competitive interscholastic program in Hanover is a voluntary program designed to meet the needs and interests of the highly motivated student-athlete who has sufficient ability.  The student athlete must be prepared to make a major commitment to the maximum development of knowledge, skills and attitudes under the supervision of a thoroughly trained and effective coaching staff committed to the educational goals of the school system.  In doing so, the student-athlete and the coach must never lose sight of the fact that academic success always takes precedent over athletic involvement.

On the Junior Varsity level, the purpose of the athletic program is to develop the individual athlete to his/her fullest potential.  Participation and the development of individual proficiency in a sport will be emphasized above the pursuit of winning games.  The number of program participants must allow the coach to ensure reasonable participation.

On the Varsity level, the purpose of the athletic program is to provide an opportunity for the highly skilled student-athlete to develop further and to earn the opportunity to participate at the most advanced level of an interscholastic sport, and on a team committed to attain the highest level of success.  A major element in the success of this program is the improvement made by all student athletes who participate in the sport.  Playing time is up to the judgment of the head coach.