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Hanover Public Schools Announces New Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Motto 6/22/22 »

This year, we committed ourselves to review and update the Hanover Public School’s Vision Statement. This goal quickly...

American and Juneteenth Flags

Hanover Public Schools Juneteenth Observance 6/20/22 »

The Town of Hanover, Massachusetts is committed to recognizing and commemorating Juneteenth National Independence Day. ...

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Talking to Children About Traumatic Events 5/25/22 »

This morning, we share with you the horror and disbelief in response to yesterday’s events in Uvalde, Texas. There are...

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Support for Our Students 5/24/22 »

As I write this, we are learning more about the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas earlier today. Words can no...

MGH Blood Mobile

Blood Drive in Memory of Matthew Westfield, June 1, 2022 »

The Massachusetts General Hospital Blood Mobile will be hosting a blood drive in honor of Matthew Westfield at the...




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READ2700 Literacy Initiative

The Hanover School system aspires to exceed our current instructional capacity, and strengthen our inclusive culture of literacy, to deliver research based, impactful, effectively aligned, comprehensive literacy skills and strategies for students of all abilities; pre-kindergarten through graduation. To support this work, we will implement teacher centered training to raise the instructional capacity of HPS staff. This increased capacity, in turn, will support the development of exceptional readers, writers, and thinkers by incorporating the essential components of a comprehensive literacy program: phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and writing.

cartoon image of sun with smiley faceHanover High School

The Hanover High School Summer Reading lists contain suggested titles, meant to be read in addition to your required text. We encourage you to read as much as you can about your favorite topics.

Hanover Middle School

The goal of Hanover Middle School Summer Learning is to encourage and promote all students and families to find the time to sit back and enjoy a few hours a week of reading and math this summer. Similar to previous years, students have the ability to make choices, to read at an ability level that is appropriate for them, and most importantly, to enjoy their reading.

Elementary Schools

Just as exercise helps keep muscles in shape, practicing math and reading skills helps keep brains in shape. Our Elementary Summer Learning provides you with reading and math resources that students can use at home to strengthen knowledge and critical thinking skills.