Student Work Permits

All students between the ages of 14 to 18 are required to obtain a work permit to be employed in the state of Massachusetts.  Work Permits are issued at Hanover High School or the School Department Central Office (188 Broadway).

Work Permit Process

  • View and download the application for 14-17 year-old workers.
  • Follow the instructions on the application to complete the form.
    • The Promise of Employment must be completed and signed by the employer before the work permit can be issued.
    • Student must be present in order to obtain a work permit.
  • Bring the completed application and proof of age (birth certificate, passport, or immigration record) as indicated in the application packet.
  • Hanover High School or District Administration (or designee) will review the application and issue the student an Employment Permit.  The student will provide the Employment Permit to their employer.
  • The work permit is valid as long as the student is employed in the same job.  If the student changes jobs or employers, a new work permit is required.