School Committee

Committee Responsibilities


Development of policies as a guide for administrative action and for employing a superintendent who will implement its policies.

Educational Planning and Evaluation

Establishment of educational objectives that will guide the committee and staff goals and work together for the continuing improvement of the educational program.


Provision of financial resources that will enable the school system to carry out the Committee's policies.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation.

Public Relations

Providing adequate and direct means for keeping local citizenry informed about the schools and for keeping itself and school staff informed about the needs and wishes of the public. The Superintendent and the administrative staff are responsible for the execution of the district policies and goals.

Policy Subcommittee

The Policy Subcommittee was established in May 2022 by the School Committee to review and revise the current Hanover Public Schools Policy Manual. Members include Ruth Lynch and Kristen Cervantes, members of the School Committee, and Field Director Jim Hardy of the Massachusetts Association of School  Committees.

View Policy Subcommittee information and updates.

Committee Members



Term Start
Kristen CervantesChair 2022
Ryan HallVice Chair2021
Elizabeth CorboMember2015, 2011-2014
Peter MiragliaMember2020
Jaclyn JorgensonMember2023