Technology Services

Our goal is to ensure a quality education for our children by stressing high expectations for learning and behavior, by developing a desire to learn, and by offering challenging opportunities to acquire basic skills, as well as, opportunities to explore and grow in other areas.  We strive to provide every opportunity for maximum student achievement and for recognition and stimulation of special talents in all students.

In addition to a solid academic foundation, an observance of the ordinary and necessary rules of health and safety, the formation of quality work habits, and the development of positive social attitudes are essential to the educational well-being of our students.  We provide a supportive, caring environment that develops self-esteem, self-motivation, and a sense of responsibility.

We utilize the best instructional practices and resources and we provide opportunities for the professional development of staff.  We recognize that parents are partners in this mission and we invite them to join together with us for successful achievement of this mission.

Technology Help Request

To submit a request for technology and Aspen help or assistance with a technology-related issue, please log in to our Help Desk Portal.

Help Desk

Please remember to be as detailed about your issue as possible and don't forget to include your building and room number. All correspondence from the technology team will be routed via email.

Contact Information

Michael Wildrick
Director of Technology Operations
Phone: 781-878-0786, ext. 5026

Thomas Nee
Assistant Director of Technology Operations (Town)
Phone: 781-878-0786, ext. 5027

Pam Manning
Assistant Director of Technology Operations (Schools)
Phone: 781-878-0786, ext. 5017

David Fahey
Helpdesk/Desktop Support Specialist
Phone: 781-878-0786, ext. 5010