Community Service

Hanover High School is committed to the benefits of a community service graduation requirement. Our Core Values and Beliefs Statement summarizes, “We believe that respect, compassion, and empathy promote a positive climate that fosters school spirit and unity.” Further, our Learning Expectations require that HHS students act responsibly and are “active citizens who demonstrate an understanding of civic responsibility.” Therefore, community service is an opportunity for students to become active citizens by developing an appreciation for the responsibility we all have as citizens to contribute to the improvement of the communities in which we live. In doing so, students will also have the opportunity to enhance their personal growth, build their self-esteem, and develop their social skills. By making community service a graduation requirement, Hanover High School recognizes the need for all students to become active citizens.

Definition: Community Service is an action, performance, or a “hands on” activity by an individual or group without compensation, whose effort will directly benefit others. Participation or membership in an extra-curricular club or organization does not constitute community service (e.g., meetings or rehearsals). Taking part in a community service activity that is done by the extra-curricular club would count.

Students will be required to do 10 hours of community service per year for a total of 40 hours. In this way, students remain active in their community for all four years. Transfer students would be required to do 10 hours of community service for each year they attend Hanover High School. In as much as these are already embedded into the curriculum, the Senior Humanities projects will not count toward the 10 hours for the purposes of this graduation requirement.  Regular communications and opportunities will be made available throughout the year. It is possible to complete these yearly requirements in the summer prior to the next school year. The 10 hours of community service must be accrued between July 1 and June 30 of each school year with the exception of senior year where the community service activity must be completed by April 1st. Students will be able to log their hours directly into the Aspen Student Information System for approval, and they will receive several communications throughout the year regarding service opportunities and their individual progress towards this graduation requirement. The Hanover Public Schools Family and Community Engagement Office (FACE) oversees all community service communications.

Contact Information

Office of Family and Community Engagement Office
Erin Condon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 781-826-3574