Start with Hello Week

Sandy Hook Promise
Sandy Hook Promise 2019

This week (September 23rd through 27th), Hanover Public Schools will be joining schools around the country in celebrating "Start with Hello Week", an initiative designed by Sandy Hook Promise to create more inclusive and connected communities that prevent violence by decreasing isolation.

"Start with Hello" is an initiative that was developed by the Sandy Hook Promise organization. Students and faculty are encouraged to take small but powerful actions to promote connection and inclusion and to hopefully reduce feelings of social isolation. 

Each day of the week will have it's own focus and the schools with be celebrating this week with several different activities. The goal is to create safer schools by decreasing social isolation by creating more inclusive and connected communities in an effort to prevent school violence.

Help us to celebrate small acts of kindness all week in the following ways:

  • Monday - Random Acts of Kindness Day - Everyone is encouraged to try to show a random act of kindness today!
  • Tuesday - Make a New Friend Day - All students will be encouraged to play or work with someone they haven't played with before.
  • Wednesday - Hello Day - All students and staff will wear name tags during the school day. Throughout the day, students and staff will be encouraged to say hello to people they don't know, addressing them by name.
  • Thursday - Give a Compliment Day - Students and teachers will give compliments to each other during the day. These compliments will focus on kindness and inclusiveness.
  • Friday - Favorite Shirt Day - Students will wear an article of clothing that displays something that is important to them.

Learn more about the Sandy Hook Promise organization.