Winter Weather Update 1/28/24

Hanover H

We are watching the weather forecast that presently calls for rain that will likely be changing into a couple of inches of snow overnight and into the day tomorrow. At the moment, it is not predicted to be a significant event locally, but it will likely cause some challenges for tomorrow's school arrival. The timing of the arriving precipitation will require caution and patience from all of us to stay as safe as possible. For now, we are planning for our normal daily schedule.

The Hanover DPW will be monitoring road conditions and working overnight to treat and clear the roads as needed. Our public safety departments are standing by to assist with any challenges that arise around our school campuses, and we communicate frequently to identify any issues that may require their assistance and support.

If there is a significant change in the forecast, we may need to adjust our plans early tomorrow morning, but at this time, please prepare to take it slow on the morning commute to school. Please remind newer drivers about snow safety and please allow extra time if you are driving your student(s) to school. Bus riders should use extra caution at bus stops and please stay as far away from the road as possible.

If more information or a change in plans is required, we will contact you via our normal communication protocols.  


Matt Ferron